Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mom's Group Update

This mornings Mom's Group went very well. I was tired, and not really looking forward to it, as it seemed like just, "one more thing," lately. However, being there was a blessing to me, as others shared what was on their hearts, and I could see the Lord working.
I think I really needed to see that, and it was an answer to prayer. Sometimes I really don't know what God is doing in people's lives. I am very thankful that I was able to be there today and see little transformations in hearts and minds that reflect the Lord's working.
It's my prayer that a group like this will stay tethered to the Lord, and that He will lead us, and that it would be each mother's hearts desire to be led by Him. It seems like when women get together, so much of what we are is pure, unchecked emotion. I see some of these Mom's beginning to bring Christ into their well of emotions, and I see Him manifesting the fruit of the spirit, and Godly principles that just weren't there before.
I am learning as well that my place is to simple create Godly opportunities for people to act, like facilitating this Mom's Group. If people don't come, if they come and say the wrong things...well, then thats the battle of the Holy Spirit, not mine. (whew, what a relief!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Acts of Service

Galatians 6:9
And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Things have been going very well so-far with the Christmas Pageant. All of the planning, coordinating and communicating isn't perfect, but thankfully, I wasn't called to be perfect, just to serve the One who is.

In all the joy of working with the kids, and serving along side other fellow laborers in Christ, I feel a pang, a burden for what I see as the, "elephant in the room." During our rehearsals, there is a group of mom's who sit in the corner of the room and talk, instead of going to the service. For some of them, I understand, they are new and have never been to our church, but are bringing their kids to be a part of the Pageant. For those who are church members, however, I watch them desiring milk, and liking it that way. We are in the midst of such a, "ragamuffin," bunch of people out here. I love them, and their sense of community, but it is that sense of community that comes between them and their relationship with the Lord. Fellowship with believers over fellowship with Christ. Gaining teaching from the lips of trusted man, instead of from the Word of God.

It's not that their making bad choices. But their just not making the best choice. I have whispered several prayers already to the Lord to share with him my burden. I know that is what He would want, rather than me taking my observation and turning it into something fleshly that would produce pride, judgment and callousness.

I remember reading something Oswald Chambers said, it was, "...the job of an evangelist is to create Godly opportunities for others to act." The rest of it is up to the Holy Spirit...not me.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hardly Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming, and we will be beginning what we are unaffectionately calling our, "Thanksgiving Marathon."

The order of events go like this, on day one, we take the family on a long drive to another state.
On that same day we have dinner with my dad and his wife, then, we leave to take another long drive to where we will be staying for the night.
On day two, we leave where we are staying for another dinner at my mother-in-laws, then, on that same day, we leave for another drive to where we will be sleeping for the night.
On day three, we wake up and go to my moms for our third Thanksgiving dinner in a row.
Then on day four, we take our little family on a long drive back home again!

Isn't divorce wonderful!!

Divorce creates things like, "Thanksgiving Marathons."

One of the hardest things about participating in these marathons is that everyone is so unhappy about the fact that we are only able to spend one day in their home. Mother's are unhappy that we are visiting, "you're Father," as she calls him, disapprovingly, and vice versa. Mother-in-laws are also extremely sore about you spending too much time with your Father-in-law!

Yes, what a messed up bunch we come from. My husband and I both come from multiple divorced families.
All of today's divorces are creating more conflict, distress and violence than divorcees will take to see. In all I have seen, and I've seen ENOUGH, are selfish adults acting like children. Not moving beyond the 30, 20 or 10 year ago divorce, but rather staying emotionally in the past, with wounds so fresh, it's like they happened yesterday.
Parents who gasp in horror if you lovingly refer to your other parent (their ex) with admiration or love.
Grandparents made to act so ugly when their tiny grandchild mentions his affections (or merely the name) of the, "other," Grandparent.

Trust me (and many already know) divorce begets a big, giant, horrible mess! Divorce is weakening children, parents, grandparents and our Nation.

As we are now made to deal with the, "sins of our Fathers," I am tired, weak and feeling unable to deal with the upcoming holiday.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


While helping my husband clean out his office two nights ago, I found something really funny.

It was a list of maybe a half dozen professions and "their" hymns. Of course I can only remember a couple (and I can't even blame that on my old age - yikes!)

Anyways, here's a couple for a good laugh...

Shoppers (a profession to some :-)) - "Sweet Bye and Bye"
Dentists - "Crown Him With Many Crowns"

Cute and very funny!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quick and Easy Dinner

Here's a great tasting recipe, that's easy (I promise!)


2 pie shells (I buy the pre-made crusts in the refrigerator section)
2 (10.5 oz) cans cream of chicken soup
1 (10.5 oz) can mixed veggies, drained
1 (10.5 oz) can potatoes, drained (you'll have to slice these)
1 (5 0z) can chunk or shredded chicken, drained

*size of cans goes according to taste. I just use, "average," sized cans. Just make sure it all fits into the pie!

Put one pie shell on pie plate, put the other shell aside. Mix remaining ingredients in a bowl, then put into pie. Top with second pie shell. Poke holes in top with fork and cook in 350" oven for about 30 min., until warmed through and golden.

I usually serve mine with a green salad and rolls. When there's company, I'll make two. It's a nice looking dish to present and everyone loves it (kids and adults!)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trucks, trucks, trucks!

Okay, I admit it, I'm lost when it comes to the world of toy trucks (and real for that matter)!
My little son happens to love any and every truck, toy or not!

I try to talk, "truck talk," and make truck noises when we play...but I know I am so lacking!

Thats why I love when my dh comes home at the end of his long day, grabs a truck, and enters into truck world with our son!

I'm in the kitchen at the moment, laughing to myself at all of the truck dialog that so easily flows from my husband! It's like he hasn't missed a beat since his own childhood! I love having such a great Papa around...what would we do without him!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Begining the Holidays...

Today, in celebration of the harvest, my little guy and I made orange Rice Krispy treats together!
They are so easy to make, and he made sure to put lots of green and brown sprinkles all over them too!
We're going to take a batch over for the Mom's Group tomorrow, along with a healthy salad and some focaccio bread I made!
Ever since I figured out how to make focaccio bread with my bread maker, I make it often, especially for potlucks or events. It always gets eaten right up too!
I mix my ingredients in the bread maker on dough cycle and when it's done I take it out and spread it on a pan to rise. I brush it with melted butter and herbs to taste and after about 30 min., I place it in the oven to cook.
It's not too hard, and worth the effort!

I spent some time on the phone today organizing this years children's Christmas Pageant. I have quite a few helping so far. I'm not completely comfortable with organizing events like these, but no one else wanted to either!
I will be spending a lot of time in prayer to be able to be, "filled up," enough to be of use to people.
The best part is working with the kids, the hardest part is, "being in the know," about All the details. My best friend is So Gifted at event planning and not so much. Any skills I might have in the area are hard earned, and did not come naturally or easily!
Today I found a volunteer to be in charge of costumes. She is a wiz with the sewing machine, and she's so sweet! Some people are so pleasant to work with!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Report

From time to time, I like to invite just the bachelors of the church to Sunday dinner at our home.

Today, after church, was one of those times. As usual, meat and potatoes was on the menu, because thats what men love. I also served, as one of the sides, my home made canned applesauce! (I couldn't resist). They really liked it, and said it's amazing how it tastes different from store bought (in a good way, I think! :-))

It's a lot of fun having just the guys over. They are, of course, very thankful for a home cooked meal. Most of their diets consist of mostly top ramen and cereal, so their not a difficult crowd to please.

Another sweet thing happened as I was preparing the meal, my little son said, "Mommy can I have a hug and a kiss?" I said, "Of course!" As I was hugging him, he said that my hug wasn't big enough, so I squeezed harder, till we both got the giggles.

I thought on the busyness of the morning, and how much sharing he has to do with other people over Papa and Mama at church. I think it can be difficult for our children at times in the ministry. When he runs to me after nursery to show me his picture and tell me what he learned, and soon finds out Mommy's got 101 people that also need her...whew, it can't be easy.
So when he asked for a hug and a kiss, I knew how bad he needed me at that moment. I'm just glad he asked.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Apples, etc.

Today was spent canning my first ever batch of applesauce!
Our neighbors had an apple tree blow down from some of the recent storm winds we've had here.
So, they called to see if I would like some apples, and being that I can't pass up anything free, I said "of course!"

I figured out very fast, after tripling an apple crisp recipe I was making for some friends in the church, that they weren't very good apples at all! They were the hardest, most bitter, dry apples I had ever tasted. Of course I didn't try them until after all of my apple crisps were already done!! Thankfully, I was able to doctor them up enough to feel comfortable giving them away. After that, however, I was at a loss as to what to do with the huge pile of apples I had left.

I ended up borrowing a hot water bath and some other canning supplies from someone at church, and I decided to make applesauce. I don't have my own canning supplies yet. I plan on trying to find some at a discounted price, maybe Craig's List (I'm not sure if I spelled that right)? I've never been on that sight, but I've heard you can find good deals there.

Anyways, it was a long process for me because I'm such a novice. I also think if I had a food processor, that it would have been much quicker. But...I am very proud of all my jars of applesauce sitting on the counter right now! If I knew how to put pictures on this thing, I'd even post a picture!! (Yes, I took pictures!)

After browsing at recipe's online and in my canning bluebook, I've decided with the rest of the apples I have here, to give a try canning apple juice, apple butter and apple pie filing. I figure I can give some away as Christmas gifts! I think thats pretty neat considering it hasn't costed me anything to make!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Laundry Blues

Today I am trying not to grumble as it's Monday (which already has one strike against it - what a let down day after all the hustle, bustle, ups and downs of a Sunday)!
Not only is it Monday, but it is laundry day...treating stains, sorting colors, washing, drying, folding, putting away...what a process!!
I remember my late youth Pastor's wife, who was also a SAHM. She used to always try to keep her head up with scripture and prayer on days like these...blah days. I just loved her, she was an amazing woman!
So here goes!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Green Bean Galore!

I have about 25 pds. of fresh green beans in my kitchen. They are, I think, the last of the seasons. It is always a bitter sweet end when the last of a crop comes in. You are so glad, because the abundance of it has made you a little sick of it, and it's a little sad because it's to be no more till next year.
I have made Garlic Green Beans, Ginger Soy Green Beans, Italian Green Bean Soup, Chicken Potato Soup with Green Beans, and just plain. raw. crunchy, fresh from the garden green beans ( I tell my kids they are green french fries..."cool!")
Any green been recipies out there? I'm sure I can't be the only one reaping in the harvest right now. My neighbor makes a Green Bean Pie...I should get the recipie, that sounds very good!
I will be blanching and freezing most of what I have left here in my kitchen. There is no way we will be able to eat all of these before they go bad. Plus, there aren't really any neighbors or church folks to give them to, most are all already burned out on the things (it's always a good season when it comes to green beans!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Love of Money

I was thinking about the Bible story of the man who had to build bigger barns so that he could have a place to hold all of his stuff.
Where we live, like anywhere else there are the "good" neighborhoods, where people seem to keep their homes clean and neat for the most part, and there are the "bad" neighborhoods, where homes are dirty with unkept lawns, etc. Anyways, upon observing, I noticed that many of the homes in the "bad" neighborhoods were bursting at the seams with stuff! In fact, the whole reason the homes appear so dirty is because they all have piles of junk, toys and cars all over the place.
This caught me by surprise, as I really got to thinking because it seems like in the "bad" neighborhood where most of the people are considered poor, their homes are also just flooded with things!
It gets me thinking about stewardship, and about how we are to be wise with our money (God's money). It seems like so much of the finances He provides us with is wasted away.
I was imagining the world during the chaos of the end times, and how it will mostly be made up of graveyards for the dead, and dumps, heaps of trash pilled about from all of our stuff. I mean seriously, they just opened up a new IKEA here in Oregon, and I was totally overwhelmed by all of the stuff they have there. It's am amazing store, that I really want to go back to for a few things. However, as I was staring at all this stuff, this thought hit me, that in five, ten, however many years from now, most of what I see here, will be pilled up in a big garbage heap...nothing more than junk!
Anyways, we're as guilty as anybody at having too much stuff, and I hate it. On one hand, I want to just burn it all, on the other hand, I just never know when I might need something. I just never want to become like the man in the story who has to build larger barns to hold all of his possessions. I want to be a good steward of all that God has given me.
I think the love of money can come to the rich and the poor. I knew a man who used to say that he thought the reason God never gave him a lot of money was probably because God knew he wouldn't be able to handle it! I can relate with that, and think that same thing sometimes.
Money is such an idle to most of us. The Bible says that we can't take it with us when we go. I think women are the worst, always worrying about security. Worrying if we'll be taken care of, worrying about our husbands dying and leaving us with, "nothing."
It makes me wonder, where does our security lie? Of course in Christ we say. Well, everyone would probably agree that money makes things easier, makes life more enjoyable. This is true, but where has that gotten us in America? Our ease, has turned into complacency, and will be our biggest weakness. Look at the fall of the Roman Empire...they were a monetarily prosperous nation (just like us). With money, we don't need faith or God. We don't need anything. Have you ever tried witnessing to someone who doesn't think they need anything?! It's impossible.
So of course, money isn't the problem here, it's man's heart. We hold money in such high esteem, higher than most everything else. My mom worries about me, because she doesn't think we have enough money! Well, I worry about her because though she has money, she doesn't know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.
What's important to us, why do our hearts burn for more money, more stuff, bigger stuff..It's never enough. Thats the folly of desiring and obtaining money - it's empty in it's final reward. It's pleasurable for a season, but for certain will require more, and more until we are building bigger barns to hold it all.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Patching Up Jeans

I'm currently patching a pair of my hubby's Carhartt work jeans. They already have two layers of denim on the thighs, but here I am patching holes that have become so large, he can no longer wear them. He insists that all the guys he knows wear their jeans out just as fast. "Sometimes they catch on things,,, like the saw blades." "Please," I thought, I don't want to know, just give me the jeans, and I'll fix them!

They are of course his favorite, so here I am, attempting to patch them up. I'm doing a double zig zag seam to be extra sure. I have tried the iron on patches, but never had much success. I have heard that if you iron, then sew them on, that they actually last without falling off.

However, I have an old pair of denim jeans that I kept around, and it's a good thing because now I can cut them up for fabric (you never know when you just might need something) {smile}.

If I ever figure out how to post pictures on this thing (I'm technologically challenged), then I'll post a picture of my patching attempts. (Our computer is a Mac, and things seems to be a little different with these.)

Oregon Coast or bust!!!

Well, I am looking forward to what began as a family vacation, and has ended up being more like a family reunion coming up!

We will be gone for around a week, and some of my family is coming tomorrow to stay the night here. Then we'll pile some of the group in our Suburban to go to the coast, and the rest will come later. We live very near the coast already, so it wont be too far of a drive, but far enough to really get away!!

I asked dh to maybe plan something romantic for just the two of us on one of the nights. I can't remember the last time we got out, just he and I on a date (I know were really bad)!

Anyways, I can't wait, and as you can imagine, I'm busy packing, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. today. I like to try to come home from vacation to a clean house...if at all possible {smile}

The other thing is I'll be missing church while away; Youth Group, Wednesday Family Night and both Sunday Services! It feels really weird, but I am looking forward to some much needed rest for our whole family!!

Oregon coast or bust!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anxious About Ministry

Ugh, I'm so tired.

Wednesday nights are a killer for me, and this wednesday especially.
There have been so many things to do lately. For one, trying to catch up on things from being gone for a week, combined with doing the usual routine and schedule. In addition to this, were getting ready to leave again for a family reunion at the end of August!

Of course dh is away right now. We had church this evening. I arrived tired, and I left even more tired. One of my little ones was hyped up from Pee Wee Club and playing with friends, my other baby was crabby.
When we got home, I was dragging to get them in clean diapers, PJ's and off to bed. Then dh came home for a minuet and then left again in the middle of them getting ready for bed. He had to drive the tractor somewhere...I thought that was strange it getting dark out, but I was too tired to say much about it.

It's one of those nights when I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and not really getting anywhere. I'm teaching Patch the Pirate and the numbers are so up and down. The kids act so spoiled sometimes and it gets very discouraging. Sometimes I think it would be better if I just didn't care about it that much, then it wouldn't be such a big deal.

I'm also starting up a Mom's Group and next week is our first meeting. The planning has seemed to go well so far. I guess I'm a little discouraged because one of the moms who I was hoping would be involved told me tonight that for now, she wont be able to. She was the one who's not really a part of the church yet, and who has a lot of friends in the community (she grew up here). So, I was kind of hoping she would want to come.
I don't know, I find myself feeling like I have to "sell" certain ministries sometimes, and I don't like it. I feel like I have to have to have a "three ringed circus" for some people, and thats still not enough to get them to come.
I just remember when God grabbed a hold of my heart, people didn't have to try to "sell" church or Jesus to me, I just wanted to be there because thats where I could learn more about Him.

I think I'm just feeling a little anxious about this Mom's Group. I think I'm afraid it will fail. I also feel very insecure about my ability to lead this group the right way. I'm not really leading, just more facilitating, but even that scares me. I don't want to come across wrong, either too dominating or too passive.

I guess I just have to wait on His perfect timing, and to trust that whoever He wants there, He will bring and whatever He wants to happen will happen...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Youth Camp

After church this morning, were taking 12 kids, 2 counselors and 4 vehicles for about a days ride out to Church Youth Camp!
We'll be gone for about a week...a week camping in the dust, where it's really hot, and where there's no computers!! So, to whoever reads this thing, be back soon!!
Youth Camp or Bust!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Who's Compelling...Mine or His?

A portion of Oswald Chamber's devotional today reads:

Naturally, our ambitions are our own; in the Christian life we have no aim of our own.
There is so much said to-day about our decisions for Christ, our determination to be Christians,
our decisions for this and that, but in the New Testament it is the aspect of God's compelling that is brought out.
"Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you."

I know there is no end to the fleshly desires my heart holds, it is what I call, "a bottomless pit." My Lord's hands deliver me daily from myself, and what the natural man in me desires.
This is my reminder today of God's leading, and total control of the Christian's life, of my life!
It is a mystery to me where God will lead me, but I know that I have no reason to fear, for I am in the same hands that delivered me from death, and eternal separation from Him.
Praise God, there's more to the Christian life than what we have as of yet, here on earth!
My hope can only be in my eternal future with our Father in Heaven...where my retirement lies...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Great Christian Women

I have done some reading on historical biographies of christian women lately.
The book, Great Christian Women of the Faith, by Edith Deen, was full of many stories of christian women, most who I had never heard of before. It's not really a book you read from front to back, but more of a reference type book. I've had it for a few years, and learn a new story about a model christian women every time I pick it up (very inspiring)!
Tonight, I found an article on Susanna Wesley, by Beverly Whitaker, MA, She tells of Susanna's life in a first-person style, as if Mrs. Wesley is telling the story herself (which really draws me in!).
Susanna Wesley was the mother of nineteen children of whom nine survived including John and Charles Wesley. Call me emotional, but I can barely read about all ten of her children dying, many as infants, without having a cry. She taught her children for six hours a day, six days a week! Her husband Samuel Wesley was a bit of what now-a-days we would call a "dead beat." She spent time with God for an hour every morning, and after her ninth child was born, for two hours every morning, (wow!)
I then read a little about a christian wife and mother, Anne Bradstreet. She was a Puritan woman who is known for being the first American poet. Her writings are wonderful, full of emotion and faith.
So, anyways, I feel like I've just discovered a chest full of gleaming treasures. I can't wait to read more stories that I never learned growing up, about great christian women.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pastor's Wife Mussings

We just returned home from our church's Wednesday Family Night.
I am tired, in a good way.
Although, on Wednesdays I sometimes wish there were ten of me.
So many people need to talk to the Pastor's wife with concerns, prayer requests, needed instruction, etc.
I only wish I could address everyone the way they need. It's difficult to know that your not really pleasing anyone when there are so many needs to be met.
At one point today, I think I had three or more people trying to talk to me all at once. On top of this my toddler son is staring at me from across the room, trying to tell me about his Pee Wee Club, my baby girl is saying, "Up, up," from down at my feet, and I'm trying to clean up class after Patch the Pirate Club.
Sometimes, I think to myself, "it's good that your still young, and have the energy for all of this!"
Then I go home and go to bed!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I got this from Julie at Accidental Pastor's Wife...
I'm a lover of coffee, so of course it peaked my interest!

You Are a Plain Ole Cup of Joe

But don't think plain - instead think, uncomplicated
You're a low maintenance kind of girl... who can hang with the guys
Down to earth, easy going, and fun! Yup, that's you: the friend everyone invites.
And your dependable too. Both for a laugh and a sympathetic ear.

Got Milk?

The price of a gallon of milk is rumored to go up to $5 a gallon soon!
It's already $4.50 where we live and I think thats expensive!

So... I tried following some advice I got from a couple of different moms,
(one is over at!

I'm now mixing equal parts powdered milk and regular milk.
So, when we buy one gallon, just by mixing it with powdered milk,
we double the amount from one to two gallons!

We drink about three gallons of milk a week in our family.
With milk prices at $4.50/gallon, that costs $13.50 a week ($54.00 a month) just for milk!

Now that were mixing powdered with regular, I am cutting my cost in half, to $2.25/gallon, $6.75 a week ($27.00 a month)!
Thats almost $30 a month savings, and $360 a year savings!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good, and like regular milk it tasted!
My little guy didn't even discriminate, he can't even tell the difference.

One piece of advice I got, and that I try to do is
to make the milk at night, and let it chill overnight
to let it get nice and cold. This helps the flavor.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Choo, Choo, Whoo, Whoo!"

I've got a Train Conductor in my dining room...
The boxcars are full and the track is set as my Little Conductor
says, "all aboard!"
When his little sister isn't busy watching him or acting
as the, "Engineers Assistant," she's content to listen
to Wiggles songs, and talk to the babies in her books.

...must go do some more, "chugga, chugga, choo, choo,
whoo, whooing!"...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Days Off

Well, there's been a little change to our schedule thats starting this week.
Our day off (our family day) has always been on Mondays, but now is changing to Fridays.
It's mostly because Mondays are such a let down day in the ministry.
We've been finding it near impossible to relax and to just forget about the business of the church on Mondays.
So, I'm praying that Fridays will be better...we'll see!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sick Days

Hubby's not feeling too good these last couple weeks.
He's had a low grade fever, coughing, aching, and other
yucky symptoms.

I think he needs to take a break, but I also realize
that it's not in our budget right now...
Our vacation is scheduled for the end of August, I
just hope he makes it okay till then.

For now, I'm praying lots of prayers, and trying
to give him a little more TLC. It's amazing how
fragile this big, strong man that I married can be
sometimes. I think his vulnerability during these
times is sweet, but I do hope he gets better soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Embarrased Miss New Jersey

I don't want to spend too much time on this one, but in case you haven't heard...
There are some pictures out there of Miss New Jersey that were being used by someone alegidly blackmailing her.
At first, she did not want the public to see the pictures, but she decided today to release them.
According to her they are just pictures of her being a normal college girl.

My interest about this story is not due to anything more than role models (or lack thereof).
Now that I have a daughter, I am wondering...where are all the role models for girls?
I certainly never expected to use any of the "Pagent-Types," as role models...
but, aren't they at least supposed to act lady like?

I was no angel in high school.
By the time I got to college, the Lord had done a major transformation,
so that, thankfully, I was no longer a normal college girl.

I don't expect anyone who doesn't know Christ personally,
to act any different than Miss New Jersey.

It does however confirm my mental list of poor female role models, make my job of finding good ones even more important, and making sure that as her Mama, that I'm the role model God intends as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot and Sunny Days

Mmmm, our raspberry bushes are yielding lots of berries this year.
I picked a bucket full this afternoon.
Usually, I get about half that because my little guy loves eating them right off the vine!
Right now, I'm eating my favorite; Raspberries and Cream (delicious!)

The weather is projected to be unusually hot for the next couple days.
They say it's supposed to get in the triple digits. We almost never see this here!
Little guy and I set up our little pool and turned on the mister (like a sprinkler) in the front yard.
So were as ready as we can be!

What fun these times are...
I prayed today that these times wont go by too fast, and that God will make it seem like my kids have been little forever!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

5 Things I Dig About Jesus (Tag)

Juloyees, from Accidental Pastor's Wife tagged me with, "5 Things I Dig About Jesus,"
(do people still say "dig" It makes me think of the 70's)

Anyways... to whoever reads this here goes
(By the way Julie's answers were great!)

1. The simplicity of the God the Father and Jesus the Son relationship. God uses a relationship between a father and a son to show himself to us. A basic, simple, easy to understand relationship that a child can understand.
2. His love for His children. Unmerited and undeserved, but nevertheless, unconditional!
3. His grace towards a worm such as I!
4. That He was in all ways tempted...yet without sin!
5. That He's coming back for me! Please hurry Lord!

Sunday and More

My legs are so tired from the long, but good day.
I've been on my feet and running today with church nursery, the bachelors dinner and evening church nursery!!
The bachelors dinner went great - they stayed for a long time just talking and having a nice time (which made all the hard work and preparations worth it!)
My mind is spinning thinking about starting a mom's group at our church.
I'm not super gifted in administration and leadership type roles, so it's a little scary.
I feel like I'm being stretched a little, and I'm hoping no one is expecting me to be Miss type-A personality, with everything planned out to a T, activities organized for the year, and answers for everything!
I have a best friend like this and I keep telling her she's making the rest of us look bad! {smile}

Hubby's beat from the busyness of the day, so were both like blobs, barely moving and too tired to talk.
He's bummed because a family in the church, who he's spent lot's of time helping and counseling, has been visiting another church.
His first reaction is to take it personally. "Am I doing something wrong?" he asks. Of course asking this is okay, not always a bad thing to self evaluate, but in this case, I'm afraid there's nothing he could have done.
The sad thing is, this family will probably do the same thing to their next pastor. Sadly, it seems like some families can't function unless they are totally codependent. It's like when PH tried to let go a little, to let them walk on their own a little, they couldn't handle it, and took it wrong.
It's still hard to take because it does feel a little personal - we really care for these people, but can't live their lives for them.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bachelor Dinner

I must go to sleep...why do I always get my second wind so late at night!!! {sigh}
Tomorrows that means, BUSY!
We're having the church bachelors over for Sunday dinner.
I'm making tip roast, bread machine rolls from scratch, potatoes au gratin from the box, salad and blueberry pie (no I didn't make the pie!) {smile} Oh, and to drink, I made sun tea (for the first time), lemonade, coffee and hot tea.
So, it should be fun.
Somehow, I feel less pressure with only men-folk coming. It seems they are less critical than the lady-folks.
I think they will be happy just to have a meal cooked for them.
Now, I will go to bed and try to sleep!
Last week we visited a Northwest island by boat with other extended family to go crabbing.
I don't think a person has ever really experienced how yummy crab can be until they've tasted a fresh, salt water Dungenous crab!
We caught them in nets and then cooked them in boiling salt water right on the beach to eat! They tasted like they had been slathered in butter. My tiny daughter liked them so much she ate a whole crab! I only ate a half!
Somehow, I got away without having to gut any too (which I was happy about!) Something about being too busy taking care of my little ones!
I guess having two kids in diapers has it's advantages...sometimes...
I'm realizing I've been really inconsistent with my blogging lately.
I guess I have to write when 1) I'm moved to write and 2) when I have time. Apparently the two haven't intersected lately.
My littlest one is getting more mobile, although she's not walking yet! She actually walks on her knees!! It's the craziest thing! I've never seen a kid do this before, but she follows her brother all around the house walking on her knees!
My husband has taught our oldest, the toddler, a little bit of spanish and right now he is yelling, "Mamasita!" at me (don't know if I spelled that right) What a goofy kid!
Guess I should tend to my little Miho {smile}

Monday, June 25, 2007

Baby Steps

My littlest one is finally taking steps!
I say finally because her brother walked early, and she's decided to take her sweet time before she has even had a desire to try!! It's pretty cute, however, to see the determined look she gets in her eye (combined with a little fear) when she does venture out and take some steps.
One other thing thats funny/strange, is how I feel when my baby's start walking...I get this desire for another one! I get sad when I think about it and realize that my baby's almost not a baby anymore!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tonight, my treat to myself will be a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and the movie, "The Quiet Man." I'm going to get into my, "comfies," (PJ's), and snuggle up in my bed and most likely fall asleep before the movie ends. I'm low on energy tonight, and my hubby is watching a special on spiders with my son (who thinks it's totally cool). Not my kinda show, so I'll go enjoy a chick flick. Soon my daughter will be old enough to be my sidekick - that will be fun!
With all of the graduations, church summer camp, and summer activities going on I have been busier than usual. This has caused me to take an unplanned little break from blogging. So, now you know my reasoning for being away for a bit! I look forward to catching up with my blogger friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm back! But I'm too tired to write much. I spent all my time reading and catching up with blogger friends and the PW forum!! Now I'm off to bed to get plenty of rest for a busy day tomorrow. There's catch up to be done on the home front from being gone for the past few days, a meeting with a church member, preparations for my Patch the Pirate Club and Pee Wees on Wednesday night, and all the other stuff that happens with the job title of, "wife," and "momma."
My prayer before bed is that I don't make myself too busy to spend time with the Lord!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well we will be gone for a bit (not too long), as my husband will be speaking for our previous church's Graduation Banquet. We have some traveling to do to get there as it's in a different state. So, I'll be back soon! Bye for now.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Personality Test!

I guess I'm into tests today?! I found this one over at the makinghome.blogspot.
ESTJ - "Administrator". Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. 8.7% of total population.
Free Jung Word Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)
personality tests by

However, I think I'll need to take this one again later. This doesn't really sound like me.

Friday, June 8, 2007

I Think My Husband Would Agree...

You Are A Lily

You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.
People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.
You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.
Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.


All day today, I was feeling insecure and anxious about having company over tonight. Sometimes, I get so much anxiety about situations that I get really overwhelmed, and I can't shake it! It's not like we don't have people over much either, I mean we have an open door policy, and a lot of people come and go from our home.
Anxiety's not always a problem for me, it seems to sort of pop up at random. Sometimes, I will have anxiety over the littlest things, like while I'm waiting in line at the bank. All of the sudden, I feel like I'm either in danger or I become really afraid that I will do something wrong like forget my pin number, license, etc., or I just feel like everyone is staring and disapproving of me.
I come from a family history of people who "clinically" suffer from anxiety attacks and depression. Some people in my family are on medication for their mental problems, some are only when they feel they need them, and some don't take any medication.
I have never been on medication for anxiety attacks or depression, although I battle off and on with each. There have been times when I've said to myself, "okay, if this gets any worse, I'm going to see a doctor for some help," but it's never gotten to that point. I think some people truly need medication for these things, but of course there's always the folks who abuse it too.
For me the biggest help is to talk about it. Of course, I have to be totally honest with God about what's going on because he knows already anyways. Lately, when the anxiety bubbles up, I try to take a deep breath, and then if my husband is around, I tell him exactly what's causing my anguish. Usually, when I say it out loud, it sounds so silly that I can actually laugh at myself for being so ridiculous.
Of course tonight, after our company arrived, everything went great. I had nothing to be anxious, or stressed about. If only I had known things were going to go so well, I would have had a much better day.
I don't think I've seen the last of my anxiety, but I do think that the Lord helps me through each "attack." It's already gotten easier for me to deal with by just talking about it. Someday, I pray that it goes away completely. I really would rather spend my time and energy on other things!

Monday, June 4, 2007


I have been praying since we moved here for friends. I felt the sting of lonliness about a month after we moved. The initial excitement of the move and all of the newness of everything was wearing off, and reality began setting in.
I came from a church twice the size of the one were at now, that was full of young families my age, and biggest of all, I wasn't the Pastor's wife there (ahhh, the days of being a regular person!) So, moving here, to a small town, a small church full of those of the sunset age (50+) and being the Pastor's wife... I felt pretty lonely.
God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, who is also my best friend, and a girlfriend who I've grown up since junior high and been best friends with since high school. Between the two of them, I have made it through many of life's trials and tribulations, but I still longed for more like-minded fellowship (outside of church services). Well, God has sent me friends since my praying endeavors began, and it's been in some of the most unusual ways.
I've found friendship in one of the seventy year old church elders! (Go figure!) He has been into our home many times and has had a listening ear to many of my sob stories. There is our church's, "Martha," (doesn't every church have at least one of these ladies?) She has been a friend in more practical ways, rather than emotional; but still don't friends come in all forms, in all seasons and in all different kinds of ways. There's been high school and college youth who I have considered friends. They have sat at my dining room table and just wanted to talk about all of the exciting things that life in that stage brings. I have found friends in my kids group that I teach on Wednesday evening. They are usually the first to give a hug or to make me feel special at an unexpected time. Then their is the young moms like me. I have met with a couple of other moms, and it's always an adventure exchanging stories about the different stages our kids are going through, and the crazy and wonderful lives mothers lead. The other place where I have found unexpected fellowship and friendships is online! I think for Pastor's wives, like me, it's a must. Where else can I go and vent about life in the fishbowl?! No one can understand the challenges of the Pastor's wife until they are there themselves...I admit, I never did!
So, God has answered my sobs and pleas for friends in a variety of ways. Many of these friendships I would have never have dreamed of. However, God's used them all to fill my life with the blessings that only friendship can bring!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Praises

This month is the first month that our new Nursery Ministry volunteers begin. It was so wonderful to be able to actually be in a church service this morning. It has been 18 mos. since I've heard a message! Afterwards, I felt so renewed and energized, I took lots of notes and sang my heart out (so much my voice was actually tired afterwards!)
After the service was over, and I went to pick my kids up from Nursery, the woman volunteering was smiling, and seemed happy to be able to be of help. I think it really helps having each worker there just once a month. The responsibility gets spread out, so that no one person gets burned out. So, even if it's been crazy, they know that they only have to do it once a month!
I sat in the very front row of church, and loved every minuet of it. I know this probably sounds really vain, but there's not many things that compare to watching my husband preach. To see him doing something that he was born to do, to see him in his element...I think any wife, even those not married to Pastors might be able to relate. Like the Fire Fighters wife, getting to see her husband fight fires, or the Baseball Players wife, seeing her husband play baseball. Of course, I don't think Hollywood will be making any action packed movies about Pastors any time soon. I mean, fighting fires and playing baseball are a little more dangerous and appealing to most people than a Sunday message. However, seeing my husband doing what he loves, and what God destined him to do is a wonderful thing for this wife to watch!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Out of Control

After to me what seemed like a chaotic evening at church, I am really trying to let go of the control I think I have. I know that when I come home as tired and without joy as I am right now, that it's mainly because I try to take the reigns of things. I want to be able to lead my ministries by just being available and being there. I tend to have all of these unrealistic expectations and expect things of myself and others that God doesn't. My fight with God is for control, only there's no real fight because He's obviously the one in charge, not me.
I just long to just be there, and not to stress so much for it makes me so tired and I loose all the blessings.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reading on the Potty

Today my little one was on the potty, pretend reading the book, A Birthday Cake for Little Bear, to his little sister. She was sitting up tall and quite still, seeming to be very interested in what her brother had to say.
It reminded me of when I was little, and I used to, "pretend read," books to my cousins. They loved it and always asked me to "read" to them. I can't say I ever did it while going potty however. I think it brings new meaning to multi-tasking (smile).

"Come On, Everybody Else is Doing it."

What is it about people who are drinking alcohol, when they insist that everyone have a drink, even if not everyone wants one?
Yesterday, we went to a family BBQ for Memorial Day. The kids had a great time spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandma and Grandpa. The food was delicious; there was a little bit of everything it seemed (sort of like potluck style.)
The only thing was, it was like being in high school all over again when it came to not wanting a drink. Can I just say that this is a continuing, "issue," with family for me. I’m not really sure why, since alcohol is not a big deal to me, and I really don't care if people choose to drink. But, I can't say the same for those there who were drinking. It’s not the first time that this has happened, but it becomes such a big deal to some people who do drink for me to drink too.
This time it was even more ridiculous, when nobody even asked me if I wanted anything, and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law fixed one up for me in the kitchen and brought it to me without even asking. I didn't say anything out loud, but I did feel like they were making an awful big deal out of something that didn't need to be. So, I asked God to help me in this uncomfortable situation. Then something really funny happened, my little darling daughter pulled the tablecloth off the table, and "whoops," there went my drink. Nothing was really said, since they noticed that I hadn't drank any of it anyways, and it was just sitting there.
A bit later my sister-in-law asked me, "Why don't you drink?" My mother-in-law chimed in, "well, she used to, you should have seen her when we were at...(and on it went.)" And she was right, I did used to drink, but I don't want to anymore. I can relax and have a good time without it. I like the taste of wine, and my husband and I will have a glass of wine if it's just the two of us.
So I said, "You know, I don't have a problem with somebody drinking. The problem for us is when it comes to leadership, and trying to counsel families who falling apart because of problems with alcohol." I said, "I know its just family, but we live in a small community, and rumors get started, and on it goes." She actually seemed to understand this explanation pretty well. Maybe it's because although she didn't say, her husband is an alcoholic. He's almost lost his job and his family over it. That’s why I thought it was especially crazy that she was trying so hard to get me to have a drink when I didn't even want one.
Anyways, God worked it out, and I was ready to go home when it was time. This morning, thinking about everything, I still think the whole thing was pretty a scene right out of high school. It's interesting to me how people feel so uncomfortable drinking when other people aren't. That they try everything they can to get you to drink like them (especially the Pastor's wife.) Wouldn't it have made them feel so much better, if they could have gone to town the next day and told all their friends that the Pastor's wife was drinking!
I'm sitting here laughing, laughing because of how ridiculous it is, and how immature adults can be!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Quote

My husband brought me home a knick-knack from the gift shop. It's a little orange colored, construction looking cone, and it says...
"All mothers are working mothers."
I think it's great, and I have it on display in my kitchen now!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was just doing some reading on daycares recently. One of the reasons being that I am constantly faced with people questioning the job legitimacy of being a SAHM. My childhood was unique in that I spent time away from my mom in a combination of ways.
I was partly raised by one of my aunts with my other cousins. I have vivid memories of those days, and the only time I remember my aunts presence was when she would holler and yell at her boys when they were getting into trouble. In the morning before school, I'd spend about an hour alone, before anyone else got up, watching anything I wanted on TV. After school, we'd make prank phone calls, wreak havoc on the neighborhood, get into verbal fights with other kids, and spend time at other latch key kid's houses. There was usually no adult supervision, so we did whatever we wanted.
I was also partly raised in a couple actual daycares. This was even worse than being left with my aunt and cousins. I never got used to the ache, that no matter how many years I spent in daycare, never left my heart. It was an ache that desired and yearned so badly for my mom. Here I was left in the midst of aggressive, unruly kids (who had become this way from spending most or all of their lives in daycare), cold adults who didn't care that much about me, and certainly didn't love me, cheap as possible, unhealthy meals (so they could save as much money as possible), and a 15 child to 1 adult ratio.
I actually find it humorous (and sad) when I read the names of some of these daycares. "Little Blessings," "Grandma's Arms." Or the ones with an "educational emphasis." like the name, "Bright Horizons" or "Knowledge Learning Corporation." (any child can parrot their ABC's).
I can hardly imagine leaving my six week old baby in a daycare. Basically, it would be like leaving your baby with strangers. Not to mention these strangers are getting paid peanuts (did I mention the high turn over rate). And no, it's not one on one care either, try more like four babies to one adult. Then as babies become toddlers they get shuffled into groups with kids much older than themselves. The daycare worker doesn't have quality time to give to any one child, and toddlers basically end up getting raised by other kids! What kind of generation is being created!
Daycare is just not the best option for children. If it's a temporary, emergency type situation, then okay do what you have to do, but unfortunately for most kids this isn't the case. How can a mom spend nine months preparing to have, "the perfect baby," only to put her newborn into an institution! Really it's all about dollars. Dollars are more important than children in our world today. Women will spend all day away from their children at a job, only to give most of their paycheck to someone else to raise their children.
I am a SAHM because I am a product of daycare and I know it's absolutely not the best thing for children. No matter what, no one can give a child the love and care so desperately needed like his mother.

Homeschooling vs. Public School?

My husband and I are at a stage right now in our parenting where we are trying to decide what would be better for our family, public school or homeschool. Now we know we have time, our oldest is only a toddler. We are praying about what God would have us to do. I am also doing a lot of online reading on the subject.
I am such a novice on the subject, my husband, myself, and basically everyone we know was raised in public school. An example of where I'm at exactly is, I spent about an hour last night reading about the Charlotte Mason method. I am learning that there are so many different kinds of homeschool (I had no idea!). So, I would like to see if anyone out there has any web sights, etc. that might be helpful on the subject?

Nursery Miracle!

I made a Nursery Ministry sign up sheet to get some much needed help in our Nursery. (See previous "Nursery Blues" post). To give an idea, we have Nursery available, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, and every other Thursday afternoon. During each of these we have had one worker, and that would be this Pastor's wife.
I've heard that the Pastor's wife is the most unchurched person in the church. This certainly has been true in my case. It had been almost two years since I had attended a service and I could feel burnout coming. I wasn't sure how much longer I could endure.
So I did the only thing I could, and asked for help! So simple, so easy, so obvious...unfortunately, not for this CONTROL FREAK! When I got the sign up sheet back and I saw it filled up with signatures, I was thrilled and I was rebuked. Thrilled because we got enough signatures for a monthly rotation, plus one helper and one substitute! Do you know what else, my name isn't even on the rotation!
I was rebuked because I wonder how God can have so much patience with this child of His? All of my whining, crying and, "poor me," attitude. All of the blessings I missed out on because I thought I was in control. My hope lost, my vision cut off, because it became all about me. But my Lord is gracious to me, even when I forget about His plan and follow mine instead. So, go ahead and call me a, "control freak," please, I've certainly earned it!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our Small Town Community

Where roads are built along side of rivers. Houses and cars are few and far between. Any car that does pass, gives a wave to say, "hello." Some roads are still made of gravel. Trucks with four wheel drive are a necessity and not a fashion statement (smile). People anticipate and truly enjoy the harvest. At The Store, the cashiers happily hold and bounce your baby, and the bakery workers let your little ones pick out the cookie of their choice. All this, while you pick up some needed groceries and supplies. At The Restaurant, the waitresses not only know your kids, but they remember you when you were a kid, and they know your parents (and sometimes Grandparents, etc.) People have time to stop by and visit over coffee. Barns aren't built alone, but with many hands. Everybody loves and has a dog. Church dress for the men is usually hickory shirts and suspenders. Kids know how to play outside. At church, young and old fellowship together (they're not separated into a million different groups because of their ages). It's still okay not to have a cellphone. Anytime you see somebody blabbing away on one, rushing in and out, you know their from the, "city." The school is still K-12, and in the next town over, is a one room school house. There's a sense of community here, where people actually look at and greet each other, and they know you by name.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TAG: Seven Things I've Learned

I got my first tag (thanks Accidental Pastor's Wife). I feel like I'm officially in the "blogging loop" now! I'm pretty sure I don't have seven other people to send this, to whoever reads this, I believe I'm supposed to list seven things I've learned.

1) I know enough to know that I don't really know anything.
2) True security can only be found in eternal investments. 1Ti 6:6-7 But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into [this] world, [and it is] certain we can carry nothing out.
3) I am depraved, and Christ had to die for my sins past, present and future.
4) Being a wife and mother are the most fulfilling roles a woman can have.
5) If I had to be a Pastor, I would probably have quit a long time ago.
6) To have grace with others, because God has so much grace with me
7) My babies think I'm the prettiest lady they've ever seen, even at 4am in the morning

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day!

1) went to church, and worked in the Nursery Ministry. There was a new four year old child who had all three of the other little ones in tears...including me! Lord help us all!
2) had two older gentlemen in the church say, Happy Mother's Day! "Oh yeah," I thought, "it's Mother's Day."
3) left church as quickly as possible because of the previous Nursery drama (I was pooped!) actually does get better - read on...

4) put the kids down for their usual after church nap
5) went and took a long, hot shower, prayed and had a good cry (sometimes only God can understand)
6) crawled into bed and took a nice nap myself
7) woke up to sweet hubby, home and taking care of the munchkins
8) had myself lunch in bed with one of my favorite movies, The Quiet Man
9) had a nice long talk with hubby (I love quality time)
10) Grandpa B came to visit
11) My family took me out to chinese food (yum!)
12) My toddler, in his cute little voice, wished me a Happy Mother's Day...over and over at the dinner table!

...It turned out to be a wonderful Mother's Day after all!...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Waiting on My Love

It's Saturday night. I'm up late, waiting for Pastor husband to return home, while he's away with the duties of the ministry (any Pastor's wife knows what I'm talking about). I came across Jeff Barker's play called "One Pastor's Wife's Saturday." You need to scroll down towards the bottom of his webpage. Warning! It will probably make you cry.

"A Little Christian Habit"

This was a part of my devotional reading this morning. I am really enjoying going through, My Upmost For HIs Highest by Oswald Chambers.
Having young children, this portion of what he had to say really made an impression. There have been times in my life when, without realizing it, I was, "worshiping the habit instead of what the habit symbolizes."
I used to religiously try to do my devotions at the same time every morning. It would always be that something would arise...a crying baby, a hungry, barking and meowing dog and cats, a phone call from someone looking for my Pastor husband, etc.
I tried ignoring all the interruptions. I tried "praying them away." I tried turning the fan on when it was right by my ear, to drown the world out, (However, this didn't settle very well with the Mommy side of me. I found my mind constantly wondering if I heard one of the kids needing me or calling me). So, I've had to make some changes. Now, I spend quiet time with God at my fist available moment of the day. Sometimes, it's in the morning, sometimes at night. Either way, it's not a religious ritual for me anymore, it's much more simple. I loose all the rules of what, when, where, why and how. Now, I enjoy a much better, more relaxed time with the Lord.

(A portion of today's devotional)

"For if these things are yours and abound, they make you to be not idle nor unfruitful." 2 Peter 1:8 (R.V.)

Your god may be your little Christian habit, the habit of prayer at stated times, or the habit of Bible reading. Watch how your Father will upset those times if you begin to worship your habit instead of what the habit symbolizes - I can't do that just now, I am praying; it is my hour with God. No, it is your hour with your habit. There is a quality that is lacking in you. Recognize the defect and then look for the opportunity of exercising yourself along the line of the quality to be added.

-Oswald Chambers

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is it a Ministry When...

It's one of those times when I don't know why things happen the way they do. I can't see the full picture, and whatever God is doing is a mystery. I am without an explanation or an answer.
We had a special Ladies Luncheon this afternoon. I am the Nursery worker during our Ladies Group meetings. Today was no exception. I had been told by some other mom's, that they would be attending the Luncheon, and that they would be bringing their children to the nursery. So I was ready. Because the meeting was right in the middle of nap time, the kids took an early nap so that they wouldn't be cranky. I packed a lunch for them to eat away from home. I prepared the Nursery with snacks and supplies, and plans for fun.
But, no one came. We waited for a while, and after about 20 minutes, I was pretty sure that Nursery was just going to be me and my kids...and it was. For two hours, my kids had snacks and played alone.
This thought, that I know is not from God, kept creeping into my mind, "why are we even here? It would be so much easier if we were doing all this at home right now." I know the Lord wants me to be faithful, and a good example to my children. He never did say that it would be easy all the time. But, I came and went from Nursery today without really connecting to anyone else, having no fellowship, and I wasn't even able to be of service to anyone. I left church feeling like my time and my energy were a waste. Usually, I leave Nursery tired, but a good tired. I know that my ministry is valuable, and that it allows other moms to be fed spiritually. It's a good feeling, knowing that what I'm doing makes a difference.
On days like today however, I just don't get much satisfaction at all.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Naptime Milestone

I think I finally have the kids nap's timed so that everybody goes down at the same time! For the last week, they have been consistently sleeping at the same time! Now, in the middle of the day, after I put the kids down, I break a sweat to my workout video, spend quiet time with God, and then take a nap. I fee like I'm living the high life!
It's funny how the topic of conversation when you have kids often centers around whatever stage or milestone they happen to be at. Well, their nap schedule was one I have been asked about a lot. "Do they nap at the same time?" I always thought, well it's not such a bad thing that they don't, because then they get to be only children for a couple hours out of the day...Mom's undivided attention. So, I have to say, I will miss that,, but I'm also enjoying the benefits this brings too.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I was thinking about freedom...

Freedom has been sought, fought for and died for. American's think they have freedom. Do they though? Even though we live in a wonderful free country, where we have rights to worship, it's not the definition of freedom that the Bible gives us.

1Cr 7:22 says:
For he that is called in the Lord, [being] a servant, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, [being] free, is Christ's servant.

While at Bible College, during one chapel service, the comment was made that as people we are always servants to something, so let's make sure it's to the things of God.

...Imagine true freedom in servanthood to Christ...

The only freedom that brings us true peace, the only freedom that is everlasting, the only freedom that can't be taken away.

Friday, May 4, 2007

"It's Raining, It's Pouring"

Bizarre weather today. Rain or shine, I try to take the little ones outside each day. This lets my toddler, "blow off stink," (which he really needs, cause he's a stinker!), my baby get some fresh air, and my dog gets some much needed exercise, I just plain old love the outdoors, so it's good all around for me too.
Well, today while we were out, it not only rained, it poured! I'm pretty, "seasoned," when it comes to rainy days from growing up in the Northwest. Basically, you can't let rain stop you from the outdoors; otherwise you'd never go outside. But, I keep forgetting that we moved to the middle of a rain forest here. One minuet it's sunny, blue skies, the next it's that I'm not used to. So we braved it out for a quick 15-minuet walk, and by the time we got back home, we were so wet that all our clothes went straight into the dryer!
So our short venture outside was a bit of a disappointment, but the rest of the day made up for it. We did puzzles, sang songs, read books, talked about stuff, played with play dough, and I was able to make a nice dinner too (Chicken Divan!) Maybe, after a while, I'll get used to this crazy weather?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Nursery Blues

I feel so overwhelmed. Teaching a children’s class at church, seems like it should be just that, but it’s not. Each week, I prepare my lesson and spend time praying for those in my class, and on Wednesday evenings I teach.
I laugh to myself as I think about the first class when I had my fussy baby on my hip and my toddler running around my feet as I tried to “teach” class. It was more like the kids in class watched me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I tried to juggle both, but it was apparent that it wasn’t working very well. It was a transitional moment.
Before this, I had been the Nursery worker. Then God directed me to teaching a children’s class. It’s been providing other Nursery workers to take my place that has been so difficult. We managed to get three ladies to volunteer, and they were on a rotation. This lasted about a month, when because of one thing or another, we ended up with only one worker left. This person isn’t prepared to work in the Nursery every week, as she is still very young in the Lord, and needs a lot of care and attention.
So, it’s a fragile and exhausting situation, which resulted in me having to cancel today’s class. Which meant calling everyone in the class and explaining in a diplomatic way why were not having it. This is so hard for me to do when I am so burdened, I just wanted to say so much more. I kept hoping, during my phone conversations, that someone would volunteer to help, unfortunately, none did.
At this point, I am wondering what to do. I just don’t know where it all went wrong? I thought God wanted me to teach a children’s class. I’ve ended up however feeling quite overwhelmed at trying to organize a Nursery ministry and teach a children’s class. All it seems to have resulted in at this point is me providing a sort of daycare for infants through 8th grade on Wednesday nights. Whew!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Tis a Gift to Be Simple"

10 Little Things We Do;
to try to be simple and frugal (in this material world)

(this was inspired by an article, The Pursuit of a Simpler Life at

1. I cook a lot of soups and stews. This allows for nutritious, one pot meals. Plus, I always make enough to last for a couple nights worth of dinners, or one dinner and a couple days worth of lunches...either way, there's more than just one meal's worth of food.
2. I "go to town" (yes, we live in the country) once a week. During this trip, all errands are done at once.
3. I grow some of the fruits, veggies and herbs that we eat.
4. "Play-dates" anyone? Who needs them when you and your kids are active in your church like we are!?
5. I don't wash our clothes just because they've been worn. Actually, I check to see if there dirty/smelly first. Lot's of times, we can wear things two or three times before they get washed (socks and underwear are excluded from this rule!)
6. Living in the parsonage. Yes, I realize this is hardly an option for most families, but it works great for us! No driving to and from church and it simplifies our finances.
7. We use cloth napkins.
8. I use cloth diapers on my kids till about 6 mos. old.
9. Clothes we buy are either on sale or bought at discount stores (and believe it or not, unless I told you, you'd never know)
10. I never refuse "hand-me-downs", or "seconds," if we can't use them, then I'll give them to someone who can.

Goals for living even more simply:

1. To re-begin my composting endeavors. I was very faithful at this, however, after having baby #2, I found myself each day, waiting for that moment of opportunity to run out to the compost, and it never really came. My house started smelling a little foul from my ever mounting pile of compost on my kitchen counter) Now that baby is a little older, I think this is very do-able.
2. To burn burnable garbage.
3. Once a month grocery shopping.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The Sound of Quiet

We live in a very remote area. Growing up in the suburbs, I always imagined myself living in the country one day...being quite happy gardening, canning and living the simple life. One thing that happens a lot out here is power outages. It only takes a slight breeze, and we'll loose power for half the day. Today, one of those breezes came along, and well, we lost power for a few hours. We were laughing because our toddler declared to us, "Im sorry, but the power went out." We thanked him for the update, and then explained that he doesn't need to be sorry because it's fun when the power goes out. We get to do things we don't usually do, like have family music sessions with papa on guitar, mama on piano, and little ones on harmonica or just singing along, board games, cooking on the wood stove, and times of real quiet (usually these aren't long and prolonged moments considering we have little ones). But, I am always amazed at the sound of quiet. It is rare, it is beautiful, and I am glad it comes around now and then.

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Mom; Do You Know My Jesus?"

I was raised in a “no nonsense” kind of home. My sweet mother was nothing but hard working and practical! (I just love her for teaching me those things). Anyways, we live in different states, and she is coming for a visit. We can’t wait to see her!
Where my heart aches, and where I’ve spent many hours in prayer, is that my mom doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ. She was raised a devout Catholic. During my childhood, I only remember going to Catholic Mass a couple of times. Apparently, I was baptized by my grandma in the bathtub (I’m not sure what that was all about?) I remember being taught to pray by reciting, “Our Father,” and “Hail Mary prayers.” Sadly though, by the time I graduated high school, I knew nothing about a personal Jesus or the Bible.
I know none of my prayers for my mom have been void. Infact, the Lord has allowed so much to take place. I mean, my mom has seen a complete transformation in my life, she’s seen God continually provide for our family, she’s seen contentment and peace in our hearts when they’re shouldn’t have been, and we have had profitable conversations about the Lord.
I confess to the Lord that I have such little faith. Doubt creeps in, and I really just don’t know if she will ever know Jesus like I do. But then maybe she will, and with the hope that provides, it then it becomes about waiting on His timing (I confess, I’m not so good at waiting either).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fellowship With the Believers

Well, another encouraging day at Church! There's nothing quite like hearing the Word and enjoying fellowship with the believers. As a Pastor's wife, I partake in the latter only on Sunday mornings, because of my service in the Nursery during the message. However, the Lord has lifted me up and encouraged me through his saints.
It's not always easy, getting my family out the door for church. Some days, I'd rather not go, sleep late, stay in my bathrobe. Infact, theres no guarentee that things will even go smoothly once we enter the Church doors. For instance, when it came time to leave for home today, my toddler protested so loudly that someone had to close the meeting doors (I guess they thought that would work) during in the middle of a very important Church Business Meeting. Life in the fishbowl, combined with a little one's very loud tantrum...but, God says the right way isn't always the easy way. You see, God has established the Church for believers today. It is where we recieve accountablity, encouragement, and christian fellowship. Many churches are hurting today because of Christian's disobediance. Christians who don't go to church. The local church is a body, and suffers when any part is missing. Now I believe in God's sovereignty, and that He always provides for the need. But, what opportunity and eternal investments Christians are missing out on because of their disobedience. Let me just say, after the bumps in the road, is testimony of His blessings. I love my church!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Something From Nothing

One of my favorite things to do is to create a lot from a little. So far, this month has been financially, "tight", and Iv'e been calling myself, "Old Mother Hubbard," because when I look in our cupboards, it looks quite bare. There were, however, two cans of tomatoes in the back corner that caught my eye. Before I knew it, those cans of tomatoes combined with a lot of love, and a little creativity created, "Roseta Supeta!"
I had made homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta, garlic bread (from near expired hot dog buns), and green beans. When my family gathered around the table for dinner, and my husbands said grace, I felt a renewed thankfulness in my heart. My family was delighted with the meal before them, having not a care of what they didn't have, but content with all that was provided. If only they had known that the kitchen was full of prayers only hours earlier, for God's provisions. When the time is right, it will be a wonderful story to share with them.