Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trucks, trucks, trucks!

Okay, I admit it, I'm lost when it comes to the world of toy trucks (and real for that matter)!
My little son happens to love any and every truck, toy or not!

I try to talk, "truck talk," and make truck noises when we play...but I know I am so lacking!

Thats why I love when my dh comes home at the end of his long day, grabs a truck, and enters into truck world with our son!

I'm in the kitchen at the moment, laughing to myself at all of the truck dialog that so easily flows from my husband! It's like he hasn't missed a beat since his own childhood! I love having such a great Papa around...what would we do without him!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Begining the Holidays...

Today, in celebration of the harvest, my little guy and I made orange Rice Krispy treats together!
They are so easy to make, and he made sure to put lots of green and brown sprinkles all over them too!
We're going to take a batch over for the Mom's Group tomorrow, along with a healthy salad and some focaccio bread I made!
Ever since I figured out how to make focaccio bread with my bread maker, I make it often, especially for potlucks or events. It always gets eaten right up too!
I mix my ingredients in the bread maker on dough cycle and when it's done I take it out and spread it on a pan to rise. I brush it with melted butter and herbs to taste and after about 30 min., I place it in the oven to cook.
It's not too hard, and worth the effort!

I spent some time on the phone today organizing this years children's Christmas Pageant. I have quite a few helping so far. I'm not completely comfortable with organizing events like these, but no one else wanted to either!
I will be spending a lot of time in prayer to be able to be, "filled up," enough to be of use to people.
The best part is working with the kids, the hardest part is, "being in the know," about All the details. My best friend is So Gifted at event planning and not so much. Any skills I might have in the area are hard earned, and did not come naturally or easily!
Today I found a volunteer to be in charge of costumes. She is a wiz with the sewing machine, and she's so sweet! Some people are so pleasant to work with!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Report

From time to time, I like to invite just the bachelors of the church to Sunday dinner at our home.

Today, after church, was one of those times. As usual, meat and potatoes was on the menu, because thats what men love. I also served, as one of the sides, my home made canned applesauce! (I couldn't resist). They really liked it, and said it's amazing how it tastes different from store bought (in a good way, I think! :-))

It's a lot of fun having just the guys over. They are, of course, very thankful for a home cooked meal. Most of their diets consist of mostly top ramen and cereal, so their not a difficult crowd to please.

Another sweet thing happened as I was preparing the meal, my little son said, "Mommy can I have a hug and a kiss?" I said, "Of course!" As I was hugging him, he said that my hug wasn't big enough, so I squeezed harder, till we both got the giggles.

I thought on the busyness of the morning, and how much sharing he has to do with other people over Papa and Mama at church. I think it can be difficult for our children at times in the ministry. When he runs to me after nursery to show me his picture and tell me what he learned, and soon finds out Mommy's got 101 people that also need her...whew, it can't be easy.
So when he asked for a hug and a kiss, I knew how bad he needed me at that moment. I'm just glad he asked.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Apples, etc.

Today was spent canning my first ever batch of applesauce!
Our neighbors had an apple tree blow down from some of the recent storm winds we've had here.
So, they called to see if I would like some apples, and being that I can't pass up anything free, I said "of course!"

I figured out very fast, after tripling an apple crisp recipe I was making for some friends in the church, that they weren't very good apples at all! They were the hardest, most bitter, dry apples I had ever tasted. Of course I didn't try them until after all of my apple crisps were already done!! Thankfully, I was able to doctor them up enough to feel comfortable giving them away. After that, however, I was at a loss as to what to do with the huge pile of apples I had left.

I ended up borrowing a hot water bath and some other canning supplies from someone at church, and I decided to make applesauce. I don't have my own canning supplies yet. I plan on trying to find some at a discounted price, maybe Craig's List (I'm not sure if I spelled that right)? I've never been on that sight, but I've heard you can find good deals there.

Anyways, it was a long process for me because I'm such a novice. I also think if I had a food processor, that it would have been much quicker. But...I am very proud of all my jars of applesauce sitting on the counter right now! If I knew how to put pictures on this thing, I'd even post a picture!! (Yes, I took pictures!)

After browsing at recipe's online and in my canning bluebook, I've decided with the rest of the apples I have here, to give a try canning apple juice, apple butter and apple pie filing. I figure I can give some away as Christmas gifts! I think thats pretty neat considering it hasn't costed me anything to make!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Laundry Blues

Today I am trying not to grumble as it's Monday (which already has one strike against it - what a let down day after all the hustle, bustle, ups and downs of a Sunday)!
Not only is it Monday, but it is laundry day...treating stains, sorting colors, washing, drying, folding, putting away...what a process!!
I remember my late youth Pastor's wife, who was also a SAHM. She used to always try to keep her head up with scripture and prayer on days like these...blah days. I just loved her, she was an amazing woman!
So here goes!