Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hardly Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming, and we will be beginning what we are unaffectionately calling our, "Thanksgiving Marathon."

The order of events go like this, on day one, we take the family on a long drive to another state.
On that same day we have dinner with my dad and his wife, then, we leave to take another long drive to where we will be staying for the night.
On day two, we leave where we are staying for another dinner at my mother-in-laws, then, on that same day, we leave for another drive to where we will be sleeping for the night.
On day three, we wake up and go to my moms for our third Thanksgiving dinner in a row.
Then on day four, we take our little family on a long drive back home again!

Isn't divorce wonderful!!

Divorce creates things like, "Thanksgiving Marathons."

One of the hardest things about participating in these marathons is that everyone is so unhappy about the fact that we are only able to spend one day in their home. Mother's are unhappy that we are visiting, "you're Father," as she calls him, disapprovingly, and vice versa. Mother-in-laws are also extremely sore about you spending too much time with your Father-in-law!

Yes, what a messed up bunch we come from. My husband and I both come from multiple divorced families.
All of today's divorces are creating more conflict, distress and violence than divorcees will take to see. In all I have seen, and I've seen ENOUGH, are selfish adults acting like children. Not moving beyond the 30, 20 or 10 year ago divorce, but rather staying emotionally in the past, with wounds so fresh, it's like they happened yesterday.
Parents who gasp in horror if you lovingly refer to your other parent (their ex) with admiration or love.
Grandparents made to act so ugly when their tiny grandchild mentions his affections (or merely the name) of the, "other," Grandparent.

Trust me (and many already know) divorce begets a big, giant, horrible mess! Divorce is weakening children, parents, grandparents and our Nation.

As we are now made to deal with the, "sins of our Fathers," I am tired, weak and feeling unable to deal with the upcoming holiday.


Mommy Reg said...

Praying for God's strength for you! Unfortunately the kids do suffer for the sins of our parents. We just go to my hubby's parents (they are still together) for every holiday, it cuts down on a lot of stress for us.

Help meet said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving!
Thank you for your prayers!
We made it back in one piece and will be wiser in our planning next year.
We are however, counting our blessings as we do have a family who loves us, even if they have a dysfunctional way of showing it!

Mommy Reg said...

I am glad you survived. You're welcome for the prayers. I know that God is always faithful to use all things to His glory. It is good to have a family that loves us no mater how dysfunctional they are at showing it. I need to work on being thankful for mine.

Nikki said...

We deal w/ this yuckiness also! My parents are divorced, and dh's mother is on marriage #4! Oh, and in your said something like..."still trying to learn to love the role of being a pw." Me too!!! LOL!!!! Enjoyed reading your blog this evening:-)