Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Lifesyle Change

What have I been so busy doing lately...

Well other than the usual...

At the start of the new year, dh and I decided to make a lifestyle change in the way we eat (ie., a diet!) We joined Weight Watchers.

Dh is sort of at the point where he could continue to gain weight and become obese, or loose weight and become a normal, healthy weight. Since Pastoring here, he has gone from a job where he's always on the move, to more of a, "desk" job.
So, needles to say, he's gained some weight since we've come here.

I am mostly doing it to support him, however, it won't hurt me to learn how to cook and eat more healthy.

We have a long ways to go, which is fine..."the turtle wins the race,...Right?!" People have said that being active is the key. Unfortunatly, exercise bores me, but I do enjoy gardening, and there's enough of that here to keep me active for a long time. Hubby's an outdoorsman, and tries to walk the dog when he can.

So there's the story...

I've been overwhelmed at re-learning how to cook, every meal is a learning experience.

But the reward for all our hard work is that we've both lost 5 pds!

We did vow however, to try not to be one of those annoying "health nut couples," that only talk about diet and exercise! (If you've never met these people, consider yourself lucky!)
One time, we had some "health nuts" over, and at dinner when we asked them if they wanted milk to drink, they said in a disturbed way,
"would that be COWS milk!"
Apparently, they only drank Rice Milk, and COWS Milk was a terrible thing! (Who would have thought?)

So anyways, I think I'll post a WW recipe now and then (if it's a good one). But I'll try not to be obsessed!

And...if you have us over for dinner, we will eat your lovingly prepared food, and we wont turn our noses up if you offer us COWS milk! (he, he)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Checking In

Yes, I'm still alive...

It's a late night for me, and I have to get up for church in the morning, but I felt motivated to write a little (which hasn't been the case lately), so I thought I should.

I just finished reading, My Father's World, by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella. It was an amazing book, of which the writing style I thoroughly enjoyed. It's the diary of a young girl, who traveled by wagon train from New York to California in the 1800's. Her mother dies during the journey, and she's left to take care of four of her younger siblings (their father had died years before).
Anyways, I liked it so much, I got on line to purchase the rest of the book series...I just have to wait until payday first!

So reading such a great book, I guess inspired me to blog...even at this late hour.

I hope I can get up in the morning...