Monday, April 30, 2007

The Sound of Quiet

We live in a very remote area. Growing up in the suburbs, I always imagined myself living in the country one day...being quite happy gardening, canning and living the simple life. One thing that happens a lot out here is power outages. It only takes a slight breeze, and we'll loose power for half the day. Today, one of those breezes came along, and well, we lost power for a few hours. We were laughing because our toddler declared to us, "Im sorry, but the power went out." We thanked him for the update, and then explained that he doesn't need to be sorry because it's fun when the power goes out. We get to do things we don't usually do, like have family music sessions with papa on guitar, mama on piano, and little ones on harmonica or just singing along, board games, cooking on the wood stove, and times of real quiet (usually these aren't long and prolonged moments considering we have little ones). But, I am always amazed at the sound of quiet. It is rare, it is beautiful, and I am glad it comes around now and then.

Friday, April 27, 2007

"Mom; Do You Know My Jesus?"

I was raised in a “no nonsense” kind of home. My sweet mother was nothing but hard working and practical! (I just love her for teaching me those things). Anyways, we live in different states, and she is coming for a visit. We can’t wait to see her!
Where my heart aches, and where I’ve spent many hours in prayer, is that my mom doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ. She was raised a devout Catholic. During my childhood, I only remember going to Catholic Mass a couple of times. Apparently, I was baptized by my grandma in the bathtub (I’m not sure what that was all about?) I remember being taught to pray by reciting, “Our Father,” and “Hail Mary prayers.” Sadly though, by the time I graduated high school, I knew nothing about a personal Jesus or the Bible.
I know none of my prayers for my mom have been void. Infact, the Lord has allowed so much to take place. I mean, my mom has seen a complete transformation in my life, she’s seen God continually provide for our family, she’s seen contentment and peace in our hearts when they’re shouldn’t have been, and we have had profitable conversations about the Lord.
I confess to the Lord that I have such little faith. Doubt creeps in, and I really just don’t know if she will ever know Jesus like I do. But then maybe she will, and with the hope that provides, it then it becomes about waiting on His timing (I confess, I’m not so good at waiting either).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fellowship With the Believers

Well, another encouraging day at Church! There's nothing quite like hearing the Word and enjoying fellowship with the believers. As a Pastor's wife, I partake in the latter only on Sunday mornings, because of my service in the Nursery during the message. However, the Lord has lifted me up and encouraged me through his saints.
It's not always easy, getting my family out the door for church. Some days, I'd rather not go, sleep late, stay in my bathrobe. Infact, theres no guarentee that things will even go smoothly once we enter the Church doors. For instance, when it came time to leave for home today, my toddler protested so loudly that someone had to close the meeting doors (I guess they thought that would work) during in the middle of a very important Church Business Meeting. Life in the fishbowl, combined with a little one's very loud tantrum...but, God says the right way isn't always the easy way. You see, God has established the Church for believers today. It is where we recieve accountablity, encouragement, and christian fellowship. Many churches are hurting today because of Christian's disobediance. Christians who don't go to church. The local church is a body, and suffers when any part is missing. Now I believe in God's sovereignty, and that He always provides for the need. But, what opportunity and eternal investments Christians are missing out on because of their disobedience. Let me just say, after the bumps in the road, is testimony of His blessings. I love my church!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Something From Nothing

One of my favorite things to do is to create a lot from a little. So far, this month has been financially, "tight", and Iv'e been calling myself, "Old Mother Hubbard," because when I look in our cupboards, it looks quite bare. There were, however, two cans of tomatoes in the back corner that caught my eye. Before I knew it, those cans of tomatoes combined with a lot of love, and a little creativity created, "Roseta Supeta!"
I had made homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta, garlic bread (from near expired hot dog buns), and green beans. When my family gathered around the table for dinner, and my husbands said grace, I felt a renewed thankfulness in my heart. My family was delighted with the meal before them, having not a care of what they didn't have, but content with all that was provided. If only they had known that the kitchen was full of prayers only hours earlier, for God's provisions. When the time is right, it will be a wonderful story to share with them.